“Where’s [Employee’s name here] employment contract?”

“How many sick leave days has [Employee’s name here] had this year?”

“Has [Employee’s name here] completed the new Health and Safety training?”

“Has [Manager’s name here] been told he’s in the Labour Court next month because we didn’t have the required statutory records in relation to [Employee’s name here]?”

Understanding and valuing the HR Function in the Organisation is one thing.  Demonstrating this by having a functioning HR Documentation system is another.  And if a Business doesn’t have its HR Documentation house in order, there will be problems.  Guaranteed.

HR Duo’s service is like Software-as-as-Service.  You don’t have to buy and own the software, or incur the cost of associated hardware to operate it.  You just pay a cost-per-employee, and from there, we’ve got your back where HR matters are concerned.


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What is HR Document Management?

We make sure you are 100% compliant, have access to the latest legislation and information, and when required, can receive case-specific advice and support.  It’s outsourced HR expertise and execution, supported by cutting-edge cloud technology.

As part of its service to clients, HR Duo does something else we feel is very important: we allow you to focus on what you do best in terms of managing and building your business.

Being small is not an excuse.  Every SME needs a HR software system that records and provides employee reports, whether the details are salary, performance, sick leave, or holidays.   As part of this, Employee-related electronic calendars are maintained, recording contract periods and dates, completion of probation and periodic performance reviews.

documentsHR Duo’s clients can concentrate on what they do best because we create, populate and manage a comprehensive HR Document Management system on their behalf. 

Compliance and all other aspects of HR Administration are professionalised – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Which means neither your Company nor [Manager’s name here] have to look less than 100% competent and legally compliant where [Employee’s name here]’s HR documentation is concerned.  Or anyone else’s, for that matter.