What is HR support for SMEs?

HR outsourcing for small business, and outsourcing in general, is a service and a strategy: lean businesses only take on necessary overheads.  HR Support is one service that can free the business to use its energies and focus on those activities that will directly allow it to achieve its objectives.

HR issues may be unavoidable in businesses, but the cost of having access to HR expertise needn’t be.  And that’s where HR Duo can help businesses to focus on what they do best, and invest in the necessary employee overhead. 

HR Duo’s HR Outsourcing is designed to address the major ‘pain points’ for small businesses who want to grow their business rapidly, but need their HR Function to be First Class from day one.

HR Duo make some of the major issues easy to deal with:

  • Absence Management
  • Poor Employee Performance
  • Employee Complaints
  • Change Management
  • Redundancy Advice
  • HR Document Management

"Clear advice that you can be confident in taking action"

- Phil Cone, Academy Crests, Cork


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What is HR Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), often enabled by a Company’s Digital Strategy, is a proven way of allowing businesses to outsource functions like HR, Finance, Telecoms and Manufacturing.  Companies use BPO to transform businesses by driving strategic change, while also reducing costs.

HR Outsourcing could be considered one of the most successfully outsourceable BPO.  The right HR Outsourcing company can perform the role of what may currently be provided by several different suppliers.  It’s not unusual for smaller Businesses to outsource the processing of payroll, but a qualified single supplier can also look after Employee Benefits, Attendance, Employee Handbooks, Training, Performance Reviews and Recruitment.

HR Duo was set up to be a strategic provider to Companies for the full range of HR Services, allowing Clients to work on their business by freeing up resources to focus on building their businesses.

HR Duo has built its business around:

  • Creating a complete range of on-demand HR Services
  • Building a sophisticated Cloud Service and Client Interface
  • Focusing the service around easy-to-access, self-service HR functions
  • Allowing its Clients to be professional and compliant HR Managers, but without carrying the overhead

Technology continues to drive businesses forward into transforming entire industries.  At HR Duo, we see our Outsourced HR Services as a means of allowing Businesses to drive strategic value.


There’s no sitting on the fence. The advisers know their stuff. They lay out all the options before making a recommendation


How does HR Outsourcing work for SMEs?

When excellent Human Resources Administration and Expertise are an integral part of the Business, without being an embedded cost, the Business gets two serious competitive advantages by using HR outsourcing.


HR Duo offers small business HR support in a way that allows its clients to compete and comply in the essential area of HR, and all its complex elements, while doing so efficiently and cost effectively, and observing all elements of Employment Law.  The result: peace of mind, as HR Issues become HR strengths.

This offering optimises the balance of Consultants with the convenience, immediacy and security of a Software as a Service business.  At this level, the HR Duo HR Outsourcing Service allows business owners to scale their business and workforces rapidly and securely, with Client’s focus kept on the core activities that allow Sales, Business and Clients to grow.



One of the issues for small business is the fact that we need to be as compliant as a big business. We’re comfortable that we are.

Brendan Kealy-Autoair

How do HR Duo’s small business HR services work?

LAdybugHR Duo sets up and manages a cloud-based HR Software Service for the Business. The Business accesses a full range of Human Resource Management expertise and HR systems through an annual subscription model

  • The HR Outsourcing model means the Employee Handbook, along with all Employee data and records are kept securely in the Cloud
  • HR Planning, Records, Performance Management, Recruitment and Review Programmes are set up and maintained by HR Duo
  • Complex and legally onerous areas such as Benefits Administration are carefully recorded and administered
  • HR Consultants’ advice and expertise are available as and when they are needed by the HR Manager or the Senior Managers in the Company

The HR Function and HR Department available to small businesses become best-in-class without actually existing.


The retail business is fast changing and fiercely competitive. We need to partner with professionals who are expert in their field and who understand our business so that their advice lands properly.


Paul Sweeney

Sweeney’s Centra and Riverside Mace

How to deal with Poor Employee Performance


  • Peace of mind about employment risk and the assurance of being compliant
  • The gift of time so you focus on core activities
  • Employment documentation, tailored to your needs and kept up to date
  • ‘Added value’ from clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Significantly improved decision making and problem solving
  • Dedicated HR Team to support Owner/Manager’s day-to-day engagements with staff
  • Clear guidance about induction, contract renewal and other employment events
  • The full HR package at your disposal including recruitment and selection, contracts, probation, performance management, exit etc. efficiently managed and recorded
  • No time lost to issues related to contracts, HR policies, attendance, change 
management etc.
  • Significantly reduced likelihood of claims against you because of poor administration, 
absence of compliant structures or management decision making
  • Lower costs for employee relations advice and support and less of either 
  • Access expertise and support far beyond what would be available internally
  • You spend more of your resources to support your core business
  • Representation in dealing with staff representatives or before a third party*


*additional costs apply if representation is needed.