Your full Service HR Solution from
€10 per month
£10 per month

At HR Duo, we deliver a comprehensive and fully inclusive HR solution with no long-term contract and no catches – at rates that are surprisingly affordable.

We offer a clear, transparent and comprehensive pricing structure to clients that gives certainty in relation to cost and assurance in relation to availability, leaving you with no concerns in relation to holidays, absences or resignations.

HR Duo

All your HR documents and compliance needs

from €10 per employee, per month
  • Employment Contracts
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Time and Attendance including time-off
  • Pre-payroll preparation
  • HR Policy guidance
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HR Duo

Expert guidance and advice when it’s needed

from €20 per employee, per month
  • Everything in HR Duo PLUS
  • A team of expert HR Advisors
  • Full Employee Relations Case Management
  • Support for the entire employment lifecycle
  • HR Policy implementation
  • Day-to-day support and advice for managers
  • All your HR administration
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HR Duo

A dedicated HR Manager AND a full HR department

from €25 per employee, per month
  • Everything in HR Duo Advise PLUS
  • Your own dedicated HR Manager
  • A key member of your management Team
  • Hands-on management of employment lifecycle
  • All your day-to-day HR Administration
  • Day-to-day support and advice for managers
  • First point of call on HR matters for staff
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HR Duo

Full back-office HR administration and specialist support

from €10 per employee, per month
  • Full featured HR Information System
  • Tailored suite of services on demand
  • Your Back Office HR Team
  • Full day-to-day HR administration
  • Recruiting administration including ATS
  • Employee relations case management and support
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We provide HR back-office services as required, including all of the service in the Detailed Plan Comparison below.
Typical services delivered include recruitment, employee relations, HR Administration etc...
Pricing depends on the specific requirements and the size of the organisation.

Our Transformational HR Software Platform
included with every plan

  • Full, automated working time recording including shift, flexi etc.
  • Management of all time off including holidays, TOIL, sick leave, force majeure etc.
  • Full rostering capability
  • Job management incl. costing/time measurement
  • Process customisation eg.:
    Internal Processes
  • Employee Key Document Storage and Insight
  • Absence Management
  • Remote working management
  • Employee key details
  • Online contract signing
  • Full recruiting system (ATS):
    Automated posting to Jobs Boards
    Candidate Management
    Candiate communication (incl. bulk)
    Candidate Scoring
    • Performance management
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee communication
  • Staff Survey/ engagement
  • Training records/certification management
  • Inline guidance and support
  • Visa/regulatory qualifications management

Detailed Plan Comparison

HR Duo
HR Duo
HR Duo
Creation and delivery of individual Employee Contracts for all employment types and durations
Creation and ongoing updates for key employment documents:
- Employee Handbook
- HR Policies
- HR Procedures
Online Contract signing
Automagical set-up and maintenance of staff records on HR Duo
Automagical recording of activities to demonstrate compliance with Time, Leave / Attendance regulations
Guidance on introduction and management of HR Compliance and Best Practice standards
Automagical workflows to meet HR requirements e.g.: Maternity Leave
Staff Surveys
H&S reports etc
Creation of new policies as your business needs change and legislation changes
Full ongoing guidance direct from our HR Content Team
New employment legislation briefings and updates
Regular communications, briefing, podcast sessions and analysis of current affairs from your perspective
Managing your Company’s document requirements
HR Advisors available on demand
Direct support for you and your Managers
Full Employee Relations case Management from start to finish:
Dignity at Work
Employee claims
Drafting contentious communications
Advising/ Guiding Line Managers on employee events and meetings
Scripts for ER meetings with staff members
Drafting decision documents as required by Line Manager
Managing Short-time Lay-off and redundancy processes
Management of Employment Claims
Your own Dedicated HR Manager
Leading HR in your business
Part of your management team
Attending management meetings
Point of contact for line managers and staff
Managing the Employment Lifecycle:
Onboarding process
Compensation and benefits
Training and development
Succession planning
Recruiting Process Management
Drafting job specifications
Assisting shortlisting
Allcandidate communication
Managing Interview process including briefing boards, draft questions and scoring mechanisms
Contracting successful candidate
Reference checking
Managing recruitment process through HR Duo Recruit
Direct point of contact for all Employment Lifecycle:
Allocation of equipment
Health and safety reporting
Íncremental progression
Exit Interview preparation and analysis
Your own HR Specialists
End to end responsibility for all staffing concerns
Ensuring contracting, onboarding and events such as probation are completed
Curating and maintaining the HR Duo Platform on your behalf
All your day-to-day HR Admin
Curation and updating the HR Duo Platform for all Line Managers and Staff
Advising/ Guiding Line Managers on employee events and meetings
Direct HR support for all managers, and all staff
Managing GDPR processes

No contract

There’s nothing worse than being tied to an agreement that no longer works for you and your business. And these days, when businesses truly need to be agile and flexible, such an agreement all too often ends up being a burden on a business.

Our clients stay with us because we consistently deliver great service and we’re happy to rely on that instead of a long legal document.

No service limitations

If you’ve ever been stung for extras, upgrades and “premium” services you will know first hand how frustrating that can be. That’s just one of the things our clients love about working with HR Duo – they know, that no matter what HR matter arises, they will be covered , the matter resolved and and they can get back to work with a minimum of fuss.

No hidden extras

We’ve all been there, finding the small print at the time you least want to – when there’s a problem. Or getting an invoice where the extras are bigger than the actual service fee. It’s annoying and frustrating and that’s why we promise (and deliver) no hidden extras – just a single, straightforward monthly fee.

Talk to one of our team now to get the ball rolling. Once we’ve spoken with you we will give you a comprehensive proposal that includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your Company’s needs
  • A full description of the services we deliver
  • A clear, competitive price that represents value for money

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