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Integrate all your employee information and HR processes seamlessly in one secure,  easy to use platform. With built in scalability, you can relax in the knowledge that as you grow, the platform grows. So, whether it’s one location or fifty, you have all your workforce information available on demand.

What’s more, our sophisticated HR software lets you dig into analytics to solve problems and spot trends. For example, is there a particular role with a high turnover? Are there absence or sick-leave trends? HR Duo makes collecting and accessing this data easy, and the HR Duo team will pro-actively look at trends and bring them to your attention.

Save time on repetitive tasks

No more time wasted on routine or repetitive tasks. Now you can track absence, approve holidays, view performance and manage all elements of your team members’ employment right from your favourite device. Which means that you can focus on responsibilities that have real impact on your organisation.

Effectively Manage Remote Staff

With the new world of work, you need a new set of tools to support the remote workforce. Whether it’s recording time on projects, managing day to day work, reviewing performance or just having informal chats, you have the ability at the tip of your fingers – via laptop, desktop or mobile device. So you know what’s going on, where it’s happening and who’s doing the work.

Improve employee performance

Help every member of your team reach their full potential with a simple and intuitive performance management system. Set a plan, track progress, and discover who your top performers are, and who might need a little extra help. With built in reminders and visual feedback on progress you will see the results quickly.

Hire the best people, quickly

Don’t leave recruitment to chance, or even a game of numbers. Use our integrated Applicant Tracking System to attract and retain the most talented people who best fit your culture. Easily post your vacancies to jobs boards and websites, and easily identify and connect with the people who will help your business grow.

Make better decisions

With easy access to real-time, meaningful data, you can make better decisions faster. Easily compare different business units or individual performance and take action swiftly. Use the insights to build a better organisation and empower your team to reach their goals.

Schedule and manage your workforce efficiently

Create rosters based on employee availability, manage absence based on real data, automate hours submitted to payroll and ensure team leaders sign off on hours worked. You can manage multiple locations, multiple shifts and update all team members with one click.

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