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HR Duo is a game-changer. By embedding Know-How into HR technology, the platform frees up HR Managers to focus on critical talent management roles. HR Duo will transform how you deliver HR, automate your processes and ensure your policies and documents are always up to date.

HR Managers Know How

As an HR Manager, you’ve just found your ideal partner capturing the HR intelligence you need to free you to deal with the actual HR situations that arise in your business. HR Duo Know-How enables superior people management and decisioning which is not dependent on the technical HR understanding of the line manager.

Transforming your HR

Because true digital HR operating models are characterised by different scale, scope and learning dynamics from those of traditional HR service delivery, HR Duo Know-How will transform your HR service delivery, reducing costs and driving quality to the level that’s expected in the 21st Century.

Unique partnership

HR Duo is an exciting and unique integration of highly qualified and informed HR specialists working side by side with HR software development experts creating a world-class platform designed to actually complete your HR on your behalf.

HR Duo will help you transform how your business delivers HR by automating processes that currently require human input as well as providing seamless access to our expert team of HR specialists for appropriate engagement, interpretation and intervention.

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