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You want to grow your business. You want to say ‘Yes’ to as many (apparently) decent-sized, profitable contracts as possible.  Small Business Owners need to know they can commit to delivering on contracts, secure in the knowledge the employees are available, the deadline met – and the predicted margin or profit is safe.

To do this, Companies need automated Roster Management Software.  Owners and Managers must have complete visibility as to Employee Availability, commitments in relation to Leave, as well as requests for Leave that have not yet been confirmed.  Roster Management (or Rostering) Software simplifies and automates a process that previously meant trying to plot Employee availability on a spreadsheet, and repeating this endless times when the outcome isn’t right.

The time-savings and accuracy provided by an Employee Scheduling System mean Operational Plans are done and approved a lot more quickly, while Staff queries (time-consuming when there are multiple requests for information) can be handled immediately.


  • Set up rosters that are standard and most common within the Business
  • Create different rosters for different categories of staff
  • Copy, repeat, delete and amend on Schedules on the fly
  • One button publish to all rostered employees
  • Set budgets for week and compare
  • Validate hours rostered versus hours worked
  • Confirm hours worked to employees before submission to payroll and reduction of Management Time.


When there’s a contest between the needs of your business, and the needs of your employees, and the contest relates to availability, Managers spend a lot of time trying to accommodate everyone.  Call it scheduling or rostering: this is a difficult, time-consuming task.  Get it right and nobody notices.  Get it wrong and everyone notices.

And no one’s immune: employee rostering is a challenge in every sector of industry.  There is always some Manager tasked with producing the spreadsheets that show who’s needed, who’s available – and when.  And then they have to change the spreadsheets.  And change them again.  And again.

HR Duo’s Employee Rostering software has been designed to take the pain out of this critical task.  Plans are simple to draw up, simple to change, simple to share with Employees, and they can be changed quickly and accurately.

Here are some of the problems, more pronounced where shiftwork is involved, that can typically be overcome or avoided with rostering software.

New staff, new problems

When new staff members join the workforce, along with their skills, they also bring their needs in relation to when they can and want to work.  And when there are large numbers of the workforce involved in shiftwork, the rostering demands on Managers can be considerable and easy to get wrong.  Apart from the negative effects of an unsuccessful rostering exercise on production output, if Employees can’t see a way of making the shifts available work for them, they may leave and go elsewhere.  Using Rostering Software is like employing a smart Manager who instantly sees ways of solving scheduling problems, and in ways that are good for the business and make it easier to retain staff.


Holiday requests, especially those made with little notice, can be difficult to accommodate, and even difficult to research as to whether or not they’re possible.   Add in the effect of night shifts, and there is a complexity of issues to be reviewed in order to even respond to a request, let alone agree.

Time between Shifts

Unscheduled absences and illness can make it very difficult for Employers to produce alternative staffing plans that still observe the mandatory 11-hour break between shifts.

High Demand Production Periods

When the Clients request unusually high levels of product or service, and this needs to be accommodated within the existing staff resources, there is a need to very clever and careful scheduling in order to meet these requirements while also taking due care of Employees and their needs.

These are just some of the scenarios regularly facing Business Owners where scheduling Employees is concerned.

The only way to take and maintain control of this area is the use of Rostering Software that has been ‘tuned’ to the Company’s productivity plans and can see and allocate all Staff resources.  Quickly.  Intelligently.  Correctly.

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