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HR Duo’s HRIS Technology Aids Remote Working

Plus, Our Personalised HR Service Provides the Expertise and Support You Need

Is remote working becoming an increasingly important part of your business? Has remote working already become a significant part of your business? The evolving situation of where you allow employees to work can create exciting opportunities.

There are challenges, too, not least in relation to HR. In fact, remote working can add an additional layer of complexity to managing the HR function in your business.

Seamlessly Switch Work Practices

Our HR As A Service offering at HR Duo fits seamlessly with changing work practices:


  • Some employees remote working from home with others working from business premises
  • Some employees remote working full-time with others splitting their time between remote working and working from business premises
  • Some employees full-time on location with others splitting their time between work and home


The combinations, variations, and potential complexities are endless.


You need an HR solution that can adapt to these changing circumstances while also ensuring you have access to the HR expertise, knowledge, and support you need.


HR Duo’s HR AS A Service Offering Adapts to Your Business

How HR Duo Helps You Manage Remote Teams

The HR Duo solution to your HR requirements combines the two critical components of managing remote teams:

  1. Proactive and on-tap HR expertise
  2. Remote working software in the form of robust and proven HRIS technology


With our solution, you get HR consultancy services and practical HR support in addition to a highly effective human resource management system and software solution.

Proactive and On-Tap Expertise

The HR experts on our team will answer your queries and will help you deal with any HR- related situations that arise. They will also provide proactive support, ensuring your business complies with regulations while also helping you achieve your business goals.

Direct Access

You’ll have direct access to a dedicated team of HR professionals with decades of HR industry experience. They will provide the help and support your business needs, when you need it.

Remote Working Support

Your dedicated HR team will provide you with advice and practical support to help you develop remote working policies that meet the needs of your business while also taking into account the expectations of employees and all relevant external factors.

Personalised Service

We’ll respond quickly to your requests and queries. Plus, when you call us, you’ll not be directed to a call centre. Instead, you’ll have the direct contact details of your dedicated HR team. In addition, we’ll make regular contact with you, providing you with updates on HR news and legislative developments that could impact your business.

Wider Remote Working Support

We’ll also provide proactive support to ensure your wider HR policies, documents, and procedures are fully adapted to the remote working arrangements you have put in place.

Compliance Support

Your dedicated HR team will also ensure your remote working arrangements (and your business in general) remain in compliance with HR laws and regulations and commonly accepted HR best practices, i.e. the spirit and the letter of HR law.

Remote Working Technology

HR Duo’s HRIS software solutions feature remote working modules to automate and help you manage remote workers. Our HRIS systems aid compliance and they make the HR function in your business more efficient and effective.

Remote Working

HR Duo’s HR information system has features specially designed to help you manage remote workers. This includes managing schedules, time, and workflows with minimal administrative responsibilities for your managers. 

Comprehensive HR Functionality

Our HRIS solution has all the other human resources functionality you need, including working time act compliance, leave management, employee scheduling, HR document management, performance management, etc.

Automated Processes

Many of the above processes, including remote worker management, are fully or partially automated, creating efficiency savings, improving accuracy, and ensuring ongoing compliance.


Insightful Metrics

You’ll have access to individual employee and overall workforce statistics that will give you greater levels of insight while also helping you make more informed decisions.

Instantly Accessible

Our HR software is cloud-based, making it instantly accessible whenever you need it, wherever you are located. Isn’t it time to consign to history the days of looking up paper HR records or storing documents on a single computer or server?

As a result, your managers will have more time to motivate and develop remote workers
while driving your business forward.

Customised for Your SME

Corporations and large enterprises have the resources to allocate to HR to help them evolve and manage remote working practices. As an SME, you don’t have that luxury.


The HR Duo system is the solution you are looking for. You’ll get enterprise-level HR expertise at a fraction of the cost – expertise with extensive experience developing and managing remote working policies and practices.


You’ll also get an enterprise-level HR system, also at a fraction of the cost, easing the HR strain currently experienced by you and your management team.


The future for many businesses in many sectors is increased levels of remote working.


The future for the HR function in your business is HR Duo.

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