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What is an HRIS or HR Software?

There are many HR Software products available online.  The HR process is reflected in self-service software platforms or programmes that try to help business owners to formalise and structure their HR records and processes.


There is no one definition of HRIS/HR Software but typically, it will record and maintain employee information, automate and/or support HR related tasks and assist with the compliance records that are required in different jurisdictions.


More advanced versions will provide comprehensive information in the form of dashboards and reports that will inform and assist decision-making.


For example, HR Software can enable business owners to see at a glance how many employees are deployed at a given time, what an individual employees history with the firm has been or how a specific shift is performing against budget from a staffing perspective.


When used effectively in an SME, HR Software can help manage performance, identify and reward top performers and assist in the management of non or low-performers.

What are the components of a good HR Software system?

Working Time Act Compliance Software

Record hours worked and attendance

Leave Management HR Software

Easily and automatically record all types of time-off

Rostering / Employee Scheduling Software

Schedule simply, record, change, publish and report to payroll quickly and easily

Digital HR Document Management

All your vital documents centrally held and accessible when needed

Performance Management Software

Build high performance, drive effectiveness and grow your business

Manage Remote Employees

Communicate, assign work, manage teams and easily view progress. Record hours worked and bill projects, jobs or clients

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HR Duo’s HR Software platform is essentially different to others, and this is in one critical respect: it was developed, and is supported by, an established HR practitioner and adviser, who continues to advise some of Europe’s leading Companies. 

Behind the HR Duo User Interface and its thousands of lines of code, lies proven HR expertise.  A HR service is only as good as its deep knowledge of people, and the roles and paths they take within organisations. 

HR Duo’s HR software focuses primarily on the needs of smaller organisations which often lack the resources and experience for best-in-class HR practice.

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