Why Are Time and Attendance Records important?

Employers are obliged to keep detailed records of the hours worked by Employees each day and week.  The records must also include Employees’ leave.  These records must be kept for 3 years.  In the absence of an electronic recording system, the Employer must use an OWT1 form or equivalent.

The Employer must make these records available to an inspector from the Workplace Relations Commissions if so asked.

The WRC have an increased focus on working time as a result of the recent ruling of the CJEU.


What is Time and Attendance Software?

Holiday managementTime and attendance software allows Small Business Owners to log the hours employees spend working, as well as recording wages, salaries and anyother work-related payments made to members of the workforce.  The same systems also simplify the Manager’s need to manage attendance, identify and manage patterns  around abseenteeism, and structure the scheduling of time-off so the Company is not adversely affected.

How can Time and Attendance Software help my business?

These software systems are perhaps at their most powerful when they allow Managers to optimise the input of employees and to monitor and manage the impact of Employee Overhead on profits and cashflows.  And alongside the recording and accounting functions performed by the software, Time and Attendance software is designed to  incorporate all required GDPR measures in relation to Personnel Data.

In addition to these benefits,  there is the time-saving effect of payroll automation as well as ensuring the Employer is complying with all Government regulations in relation to Staff Working Hours, payroll and even monitoring and paying for overtime.


The retail business is fast changing and fiercely competitive. We need to partner with professionals who are expert in their field and who understand our business so that their advice lands properly.


What are the key benefits of Time and Attendance Software?

  • Payroll automation

  • Full compliance with Employment Law and Government regulation

  • Maximum efficiency in deployment of staff

  • Up to the minute reporting on Employee Activity

  • Recording of Employees’ hours and monies paid and owed

  • Integration of data with all within overall Management Information Systems

  • Relevance to Employee Performance Management

Time and Attendance Software is an important management and compliance tool, but Employers must realise that the software has to be integrated, and used in conjunction, with a range of other HR Management tools. 


And no HR Management Software should be considered a standalone guard against HR problems: due to the fast-changing nature of Employment Law, it is important to access the expertise of a qualified HR Practitioner as well.


HR Duo’s support allows retail managers and leaders to focus on driving results on the sales floor. The use of our proprietary time & attendance and rostering software can substantially enhance operational effectiveness, provide detailed HR Reporting, and contribute to enhancing cost savings. 


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