Why is Leave Management Software Important for SMEs?

Employee Leave is something Small Businesses and their Owners or Managers need to manage very carefully and closely.  Unlike bigger organisations, it’s highly likely that every person on the payroll has an important role to play in achieving the Company’s objectives.  And by definition, small businesses cannot carry the cost of a ‘deep bench’ where Key Employees and roles are concerned.

An additional concern for business owners is that the Working Time Act requires employers to maintain careful records of annual leave.

Therefore, careful management of this area is critical, and Leave Management Systems are a major assistance to any organisation.


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"Employers are obliged to keep records of holidays and public holidays for a period of 3 years. These records must be available for inspection .... "

- Workplace Relations Commission

What is Leave Management Software?

At a very basic level, Leave Management HR Software enables the management of any staff time off and requests – for all types of leave, while also recording and tracking the time employees are away from work.   Its benefits to businesses are many, and become even more valuable if the Employer is a multi-location organisation in multiple countries.

What types of leave should Leave Management Software handle?

All the different types of Leave, including Holiday, Sickness, Maternity, Study and Family, all need to be recorded and tracked in a way that makes the whole process simple for the Business to manage, while complying completely with Government and EU Regulations.

What are the top 10 benefits of a good Leave Management software system?

  1. Full recording of Leave Applications and granting of same

  2. Allocation of appropriate leave relative to Employee contract

  3. Applies to all Leave types, including Annual, Days in Lieu, Sick leave, Parental Leave

  4. Secure storage of all Leave Records, including historical view

  5. Deletion of records as required

  6. Analysis of Leave trends, peaks and troughs

  7. Single view of all Leave in the business

  8. Clear management of entitlements (including the more difficult part-time contracts)

  9. Management of Sick Leave in a GDPR compliant fashion

  10. Annual Leave Liability report in advance of Year End

What features should be available in Leave Management software?

  • The management of all time-off request with just one click.

  • Approval of all time off requests

  • Approval of Holidays and Leave online

  • Cross-checking of Leave approved for coinciding Leave request by applicant’s Colleagues

  • Monitoring of all Employees’ time-off, sick leave and time-in-lieu.

Time and Attendance Software is an important management and compliance tool, but Employers must realise that the software has to be integrated, and used in conjunction, with a range of other HR Management tools. 

And no HR Management Software should be considered a standalone guard against HR problems: due to the fast-changing nature of Employment Law, it is important to access the expertise of a qualified HR Practitioner as well.