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Free yourself from day-to-day HR administration and focus on real value-added activities

If you’re an HR Manager running HR for an SME then you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re probably finding it challenging to really address key value-add activities such as talent management, reward and recognition, high performance, succession planning and organisational development.

HR Duo Augment will become your back-office and work with you to simplify and automate your processes using world class HR Duo technology.

How does that work? Read on to find out more.

HR Compliance and Documentation

With increasing complexity and ever-changing legislation and regulation, it’s hard for HR teams in SMEs to stay up to date and even more challenging to keep the Company’s documents, polices and procedures current. It’s a job that’s on the list – but it’s very difficult to prioritise and complete the task. Add GDPR requirements around candidate data and retention of staff records and it all becomes a real headache.

And that’s where HR Duo Augment can be a real asset you your team. We will ensure all your documents are fully up to date and that each employee has accepted any revisions. You can relax in the knowledge that when someone joins the business, they will have the most up to date contract, employee handbook and other documentation.

You benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if an issue arises, the business will be protected and the full range of options will be available.

HR Operations

The day to day grind of HR administration can really weigh on the productivity of HR teams. It chews up time and diverts HR professionals away from the real value-added work such as enhancing performance, implementing employee engagement initiatives and developing people strategy.

Maybe you spend hours dealing with routine questions from team members. Perhaps you seem to spend most of your time writing letters or email or updating key information. From holiday entitlements to Parental Leave, our team can answer employees directly, or support your managers by explaining policies and how they should be implemented.

The HR Operations team can manage some or all of the contracting, induction, probation, benefits, performance management processes and all other employment events for employees and managers.

And, while we are doing your administration, you can be adding value to the business and supporting the management team in the best way possible.

Transformational HR Technology

Integrate all your employee information and HR processes seamlessly in one secure,  easy to use platform. With built in scalability, you can relax in the knowledge that as you grow, the platform grows. So, whether it’s one location or fifty, you have all your workforce information available on demand.

We automate many of your key procedures and processes. So, whether it’s maternity leave or onboarding, you can be sure that the procedure is followed , managers are prompted and your employees receive contextual, relevant guidance – at exactly the time it is needed most.

What’s more, our sophisticated HR technology lets you dig into analytics to solve problems and spot trends. For example, is there a particular role with a high turnover? Are there absence or sick-leave trends? HR Duo makes collecting and accessing this data easy, and the HR Duo team will pro-actively look at trends and bring them to your attention.

Employee Relations

Our expert Employee Relations team will take care of managing and defining the steps to be taken so that line managers can concentrate on the decisions which must be taken. We support you every step of the way through the most challenging ER cases. Services include:

  • Absence Management
  • Direct Support for managers
  • Performance Improvement Processes
  • Employee Relations Case Management
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Disciplinary Processes

Recruitment services

You know better than anyone how much time the grind of recruiting takes. Everything from creating the advert, sifting through responses and contacting candidates. We can do all that on your behalf as well as arranging interviews, communicating with unsuccessful candidates and contracting the successful ones. That means you can focus on the really critical element of hiring – ensuring you select the right candidate with the right fit.

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