Many SME owners are so burdened with paperwork and regulations, that they can't focus on people. A digital HR document management solution enables business owners to manage documents efficiently and compliantly, so that more time can be spent on value-adding activities, such as sales, business development and customer service.

A key requirement of HR document management is the ability to design and manage all the HR Documentation deemed necessary through the employee lifecycle. These typically include HR contracts, handbook, policies, procedures, and forms. As you might imagine, the exact nature and requirement will vary as required by your business.

HR Document Compliance

Employee files contain highly sensitive information; controlling access is critical. Further, the laws and regulations governing employee documents are extensive – and GDPR places particular emphasis on personal information of the type held by HR systems. It is critical that you have systems that help you manage compliance with GDPR, supporting retention schedules, providing easy reporting on missing or expiring documents, and protecting sensitive information with secure, role-based access.

GDPR can be a real headache for small and medium sized businesses. HR Duo keeps one step ahead of compliance, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


What are the obligations on employers in relation to HR Documents?


  1. Ensure employees and HR teams see only documents they are allowed to see, based on document type or user role
  2. Keep track of all documents and take action if some are missing/altered
  3. Keep track of documents that expire (visas, certifications, Garda Vetting etc)
  4. Maintain an audit trail that tracks actions performed on a document, such as sharing, downloading, and deleting
  5. Securely share documents with authorised third-parties if appropriate
  6. Define retention schedules for each document type, managing global compliance with GDPR
  7. Actively manage the entire document lifecycle for employee files, from creation to deletion.

Being a not for profit, we operate in a complex environment under demanding legislation. HR Duo have partnered with us during significant change in our business giving us confidence and guidance in our decision making


What are the steps to implementing a document management solution?

It may sound daunting, but implementing a document management system for HR is straightforward. It is a core element of HR DUO’s offering and the steps are as follows:



To manage any HR documents effectively, you need to collect and collate them into an easy-to-access format. For most SMEs this means gathering information form several sources.

You will need to scan paper documents, import emails and download from old software systems. The goal is to eliminate clutter and time wasted searching for documents.



GDPR obligations today are very significant from an SME owner’s perspective.

Luckily, with a quality document management system in place, complying with GDPR is reasonably straightforward.

You will be able to protect and secure sensitive documents by default. Compliance is critical and will likely only become more so in the years to come.


Bottom Line

When you have a well-organised document system, It leads to improved overall performance and better-informed decision-making throughout all areas of your business. You will free up time and have more accurate information for payroll, training and certification and meet the expectations of your employees.

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