What is HR Compliance for SMEs


Business Owners and Employers carry many responsibilities, but perhaps nowhere greater than in the area of Human Resources Compliance.  This is a highly regulated and litigative field, and anything less than what is considered Best Practice can result in loss, disruption and legal cases being taken against the Company.


Typically, smaller businesses can’t afford dedicated HR teams and are therefore reliant on matching whatever level of internal expertise exists with occasional ad hoc professional services provided by outside consultants.  But most importantly, smaller businesses can’t afford expensive, time-consuming legal problems through failure to comply with legislation.

HR Duo’s HR Software Platform provides Small to Medium Enterprises with the tools to help them operate professional HR structures and processes in the business.


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What are a small employer's HR Compliance Obligations?

Regardless of the size or turnover of the business,  Business Owners must ensure that employees receive all Employment Rights, while at the same time ensuring that the Company is entirely up-to-date where Employment Law is concerned.   The last thing a Business Owner or Manager needs is to have to engage with the Workplace Relations Commission’s adjudication services. 

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What areas of a business need to be HR Compliant?

  1. Employee Contracts
  2. HR Policies and Procedures
  3. Employee Attendance 
  4. Document Management/GDPR Record Keeping 
  5. Employee Claims/Complaints

With HR Duo SMEs can access and afford a HR Function that is as complete and compliant as those operated by the largest enterprises.


HR Compliance Consultation CTA


ComplianceEmployee Contracts

All employees work under a Contract of Employment, regardless of whether there is a written contract in place.  Even if an employee has not signed a contract, once he or she has started providing the services described in the contract, it’s deemed to exist and be in force.


The contract of employment is therefore critical to the relationship that exists between Employer and Employee.  From setting out out the person’s role and rights, rate of pay, reporting lines to all obligations under the contract.  And typically, if there’s a problem with a contract, the Company suffers.  Quite often, contract problems are due to missing clauses, changes in legislation not accounted for, and unintended clauses introduced due to cutting and pasting from another contract.  These might justifiably be termed ‘self-inflicted wounds’ on the part of the Employer.


HR Duo’s HR Compliance Software allows SMEs to enjoy the same level of professionalism and protection that is normally only possible through a fully resourced, in-house HR function.

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Advice 2HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies and procedures effectively provide the Employer and the Employee with the guidelines for dealing with all of the major employment issues within the Business. 

They are both the ‘rules’ and the practical means for the implementation of the Company’s HR strategy, and the standards and procedures through which this is to be achieved.  They need to be clear, available to everyone and provide the foundation for the relationship between the Employer and the Employee, as well as the mutually beneficial relationship intended.

Applied consistently and transparently, HR Policies and Procedures need to be seen as much more than the administrative components of HR compliance: they express the fundamental relationship between the Company and its staff, feeding positively into the company’s culture.

HR Duo’s HR Platform ensures that SMEs and their owners have the most up-to-date and compliant Policies and Procedures, with all of the related version control, distribution and tracking every Employer requires.

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Holiday managementEmployee Attendance 

Through HR Duo’s HR Compliance Software, Business Owners can log Employee time worked and calculate wages, salaries and any other work-related payments made to members of the workforce.  The same systems also simplify the Manager’s need to manage attendance, identify and manage patterns around absenteeism, and structure the scheduling of time-off so the Company is not adversely affected.

Part of this involves managing the negative side of Attendance: when Employees’ Attendance records are poor.

Through a fair and transparent Absence Management Policy, and the software with which to manage this it, avoidable absenteeism is reduced, the Business is protected from the losses that occur as a consequence, and a positive Company Culture is helped.

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ComplianceDocument Management/GDPR Record Keeping 

HR Duo’s clients can concentrate on what they do best because we create, populate and manage a comprehensive HR Document Management system on their behalf.   SMEs need a HR software system that records and provides employee reports, whether relating to salary, performance, sick leave, or holidays.   As part of this, Employee-related electronic calendars are maintained, recording contract periods and dates, completion of probation and periodic performance reviews.

Potential employee problems are reduced by a functioning HR Documentation system. 

HR Duo’s service makes sure that the Employer is 100% compliant, has access to the latest legislation and information where document management is concerned, along with the software to manage all of this.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018.  Since then, there is one set of data protection rules for all companies operating within the EU.  And there is possibly no more onerous area affected by GDPR than that of HR Document Management.

HR Duo’s Document Management Software allows the secure and confidential management of employee information and details. All employee data and documents are stored in a GDPR-compliant fashion.

Business Owners and HR Managers can focus on running and developing the business, in the knowledge that their HR Document Management is legal, compliant, and can be managed efficiently.

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FrustrationEmployee Claims/Complaints 

Professional Employers see complaints as opportunities to take negative feedback from employees, manage them, and avoid disruption or legal proceedings.  Having a clear procedure in place to deal with these issues makes good business and HR sense.

Managers need to know exactly what to do when an employee makes a complaint. It’s a chance to deal with an issue early and stop it developing into something that harms the Business.  If dealt with properly, any employee grievance can become a positive.

Complaints can be down to one of many causes, including Employment terms, Working conditions, Changes in workplace practices and bullying or harassment.

Managing Employee Grievances is part of HR Duo’s service to clients, providing all the necessary information and instructions for the Small Business Owner or Manager to stay on top of this.

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