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Managing your Talent
Managing your Business

It may be a cliché and it may be annoying but it’s also a truism. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Our HR professionals provide personalised guidance and tools, helping you every step of the way. So, whenever you need to recruit ideal talent, develop training programmes or drive high performance, our skilled, experienced professionals will be right beside you.

Managing your people is complex and challenging.
HR Duo helps where it matters most.

Performance Management

It can be tricky to implement a performance appraisal system to help determine promotions, bonuses and salary reviews. Luckily, our team have done it hundreds of times – and know the pitfalls and the hacks. We will work with you to design personalised performance standards, individual and team goals and coach your managers on how to implement the system successfully.

Recruiting Talent

Our seasoned recruiters know that good employees are hard to find and sign up. The steps are Find the Person; Verify the Skills and Qualifications; Be Sure there is a Cultural Fit; Persuade the Employee to join; Check the References. Your HR Duo team does all this within a time frame that works for the Business.

Employee Relations

Once you become an employer, there’s a world of difficult areas that present themselves from time to time. Managing absence, discipline, grievances as well as employee support and counselling... the list goes on. One person can’t manage and hiring enough trained personnel to cover your bases “just in case” is much too expensive. With HR Duo, you get the best of both worlds: the right person for the job, at the right cost for your company.

Leave and Holiday Management

The HR Duo platform enables you to manage employee requests for any type of leave. It also allows the company to record and track the amount of time spent away from work. Even the management of part-time workers' entitlements becomes much clearer and easier with automated calculators, and, of course, the expertise from the HR Duo team on hand to advise, clarify and explain.

Employee Onboarding

HR Duo’s experienced team will help your new Employees to understand and become part of the existing culture, while setting up important the Performance Measurement and Rewards process, all related feedback systems, and ensuring all Training and Health and Safety measures are covered.

Exit Management

When someone leaves whether they resign to work elsewhere, their contract ends, or they retire, Employees leave Employers and there needs to be a clear Employee Exit Policy and Process. The HR Duo team is there in every circumstance. From receipt of resignation letters, checking required notice periods, securing of assets and all other matters, good Exit Management Practice is how these are all delivered.

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