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A complete HR service that enables you to really take control of your business.

You Can Count on us to sustain your HR-Related Assurance

Your HR Duo team of specialists monitor and communicate changes to employment laws and regulations that affect your business, reducing the number of problems and decreasing complaints.

We love the nitty-gritty

There are over sixty pieces of regulation and legislation affecting employers and your dedicated policy and best-practice team love them all. HR Duo can help safeguard your business by preventing problems from the start.

Managing your people is complex and challenging.
HR Duo helps where it matters most.

Employment Contracts

If there's one thing you need to know about HR, it's that the relationship between any worker and their employer is a contractual one by nature. Above all else, remember this three-word phrase: “contract is king”

HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies set out how the company should deal with specific situations in the workplace, from simple ones like employee illness, promotion opportunities, or holidays, to more complex topics which may be specific to your company.

Employee Handbook

With an employee handbook, you can communicate not just the relevant employment legislation, but the principles and guidelines that define the desired culture of the company. A good employee handbook should be aspirational as well as instructive

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Software is a must if you want to give your management more time to focus on what really matters and keep your business GDPR-compliant. It'll still require the expertise of HR Practitioners (like the team at HR Duo!) to ensure compliance with the fast-moving and ever-changing world of employment legislation.

GDPR Compliant Records

At HR Duo, we're always one step ahead with GDPR compliance. Keeping up with all those pieces of legislation is a minefield, after all, and not one you've got time for when running a business! But being small is no excuse not to delegate the job to someone qualified.

Expert guidance

It's all very well having up to date documentation, robust procedures and all the other infrastructure. Where we regularly see points of failure is when managers aren't sure what to do - and do nothing or the wrong thing. That's where a team that's got your back like HR Duo come in, with all the answers.

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