Outsourced HR Services For SMES

A complete HR service that enables you to really take control of your business.

Spending too much time on HR?
We can fix that

HR Duo Services are a true extension of your business.

We integrate seamlessly with your management team bringing you the expertise you need when you need it – no matter where you operate.

Managing your people is complex and challenging.
HR Duo helps where it matters most.

You are busy running your business. It’s growing and so is your team. You’ve got to the stage where you know you need HR support. But what type of support is the question? There are so many competing demands: you need help with recruiting, perhaps with managing performance or designing compensation plans. There may be the occasional people challenge that raises its head and you’re not sure how to deal with that.

HR Support & HR System

To manage HR effectively you need a system and people. With HR Duo’s HR as a Service you get both. So let HR Duo look after your HR while you look after the business.

HR Risk Assurance

Our specialists monitor and communicate changes to employment laws and regulations that affect your business, reducing the number of problems and decreasing complaints.

Talent Management

Our range of experts help build and operate a first-class Employer Lifecycle Management, improve employee retention and position your business as one that truly values people.

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