Operational HR Risk Assurance

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People are at the heart of any organisation. It stands to reason then, that there are risks for any business that employs people. Of course, you can’t completely mitigate the risks – your business couldn’t function. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the risks either. HR Duo’s risk management solution will take command of the risks and help you to minimise the ones that can’t be eliminated.

Employing people is always a challenge
HR Duo makes it much easier to manage People and boost productivity

Employee Claims

Having appropriate policies in place is only the beginning. How you react to and manage any claims is vital. Your HD Duo Business Partner is great resource when it comes to this challenging area. We can support you'll the way, ensuring appropriate processes are followed and clearly setting out the options.

Workplace Stress

Work related stress is becoming more common in organisations particularly where staffing has been reduced and support mechanisms are less available for the same reasons. Your HR Duo team will help you create an environment where stress is less likely. Typically areas such as good communications, positive employee relations relations and healthy systems of work can help people recognise and manage stress. The positive side effect is increase productivity and performance.

Disciplinary and Grievance

Your HR Duo team has extensive experience of supporting managers in implementing effective disciplinary policies and procedures, conducting disciplinary investigations and acting in roles such as staff adviser or independent third party when required by the policy of the company. You can relax, comfortable in the knowledge that we’ve got your back and that the correct procedures will be followed.

Employment Contracts

Quite often, contract problems are due to missing clauses, changes in legislation not accounted for, and unintended clauses introduced due to cutting and pasting from another contract. These might justifiably be termed ‘self-inflicted wounds’ on the part of the Employer.

HR Policies & Procedures

Applied consistently and transparently, HR Policies and Procedures need to be seen as much more than the administrative components of HR compliance: they express the fundamental relationship between the Company and its staff, feeding positively into the company’s culture.

Employee Handbook

A good employee handbook should serve the legal and business goals of the business owner, in a way that's GDPR-compliant, genuinely informative, and easily understood by the reader. The handbook should be written in such a way that, if every employee followed its guidelines, the company would be running perfectly.

Dedicated HR Support & HR System

To manage HR effectively you need a system and people. With HR Duo’s HR as a Service you get both. So let HR Duo look after your HR while you look after the business.

Dedicated HR Business Partner

An expert on hand that really knows you and your business. An extra member of your management team. Someone to help support managers in their day-to-day interactions with staff.

Managing Talent

Our range of experts help build and operate a first-class Employer Lifecycle Management, improve employee retention and position your business as one that truly values people. Become an employer of choice.

Operational HR Risk Assurance

Our specialists monitor and communicate changes to employment laws and regulations that affect your business, reducing the number of problems and decreasing complaints.

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