Managing Talent

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Build a Team, Keep your Team
Best Practice and Employee Resolution

Your employees are your most valuable asset. HR Duo’s dedicated HR Business Partner will help you to maximise the performance of your team throughout the employment lifecycle. So, whether it’s best practice for recruiting, onboarding seamlessly or resolving those thorny employment issues that come up from time to time, you will be covered.

people management can become a real challenge and managers need support and guidance.
Your dedicated HR Business Partner is there with you every step of the way.

Employee Relations

As an employer, there’s a myriad of regulations and legislation to be mindful of when the inevitable people problem raises its head. It may be absence or consistent lateness or more serious problems such as employee complaints. In any event, managers need support and assistance form experienced professionals, ad HR Duo have a team, ready and willing to go to bat for you.

Leave and Holiday Management

It sounds straightforward, but there are over 20 different types of leave and time-off that need to be recorded. Talk about a headache! Fortunately, HR Duo’s bespoke HR Information System can manage all this for you. Whether it’s leave entitlement for part-time, hourly-paid workers or creating rosters for the team, the system can do it all. And, for those unusual or awkward cases, your HRBP is there, ready with the answers and support.

Onboarding to get off to a fast start

A good onboarding process can help to significantly reduce staff turnover as well as increasing engagement and a quicker path to full productivity. HR Duo’s Business Partners are very experienced in the onboarding process and can help you to set the new team member up for success. With a streamlined process your management team will be free to concentrate on building capacity and performance.

Training and Developing Staff

Your dedicated HR Business Partner will work with you to identify training needs of management and staff and help develop specific in-house training and development solutions to address these requirements. The HR Duo software platform can manage all the regulatory records required, producing alerts and reports as and when needed. This ensures that your team remains up to date and you have a full record of all training completed.

Remote Worker Management

It’s a brave new world and remote working is going to be a part of it for a range of businesses in some form or another. Managing the remote worker presents a new set of challenges for firms. Your HR Duo team can help. Our bespoke software has a purpose built module to help manage the workflow and time of remote workers.. Critically, your Dedicated HRBP will ensure that your employment documents, policies and procedures are fit for purpose and up to date with the new world of work.

Performance Management Support

Your dedicated HR Business Partner will help you to design, build, and implement a performance management system that works for your business. It’s a great way to have clarity and accountability around salary reviews, bonuses and promotion. Your HR Duo team have delivered dozens of systems and know the potential pitfalls and best practice.

Finding and Hiring Talent

Recruiting talent is an incredibly time consuming task and one that can make or break the organisation. There are so many moving parts, from creating a Job Description to checking references and everything in between. Your dedicated HRBP will take charge of the process and lead the HR Duo team of recruiting specialists so you can focus on interviewing the best talent and deciding who is the best fit for your business. We will do everything else.

Exits, layoff and short-term work

Employees leave - eventually, or sooner than expected. An exit interview is a critical element in any exit management process – but one that is frequently omitted, typically due to pressure of time or a lack of confidence. HR Duo will ensure that your exit management is robust and complete. We’ve done thousands of exit interviews and know what needs to happen and how best to use any information gleaned.

Dedicated HR Support & HR System

To manage HR effectively you need a system and people. With HR Duo’s HR as a Service you get both. So let HR Duo look after your HR while you look after the business.

Dedicated HR Business Partner

An expert on hand that really knows you and your business. An extra member of your management team. Someone to help support managers in their day-to-day interactions with staff.

Managing Talent

Our range of experts help build and operate a first-class Employer Lifecycle Management, improve employee retention and position your business as one that truly values people. Become an employer of choice.

Operational HR Risk Assurance

Our specialists monitor and communicate changes to employment laws and regulations that affect your business, reducing the number of problems and decreasing complaints.

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