Dedicated HR Business Partner

A complete HR service that enables you to really take control of your business.

Stop thinking about HR
Let your HR Business Partner do that

Your HR Duo Business Partner is the ideal support for your business. They are commercial, sensible and committed to your business.  Our experts understand the challenge of running and owning a business. The HR Duo team is always on your side – fully on your side – and ready to manage all your HR.

Build high Performing Teams .
Deliver Productivity, Performance and Profitability

Recruit, train and retain great staff

Hiring the right employees is at the core of every successful company. The key to having great employees is implementing an effective recruiting and training process. We have experience of the best recruiting techniques focused on identifying strong candidates, and then building onboarding and training plans successful training to provide as much guidance as possible to enable their success.

Drive performance

HR Duo’s skilled business partners are familiar with building performance and managing underperformance. Working closely with you and your team, we will help you to build the environment where good employees can excel and where high performance becomes the norm.

Create best practice

There are so many areas that can benefit from improved processes and the introduction of best practices. For many SMEs, it comes down to defining roles and responsibilities. Because, almost by definition, SMEs grow in a dynamic way, the structures can’t keep up. The HR Duo team of experts are adept at unravelling this challenge and helping replace it with a structure that is aligned for growth.

Accountability across the organisation

The steps build accountability are not new: -Set and communicate clear expectations
- Align individual and team goals with strategy
- Provide time, training, tools, and resources
- Empower people to succeed
- Provide recognition and feedback
- Take action when individuals and teams do not meet expectations
The HR Duo Business Partner will work with you and your team to build the processes required, and, more importantly in many respects, to help managers develop the confidence and skills to deliver the processes.

Dedicated HR Support & HR System

To manage HR effectively you need a system and people. With HR Duo’s HR as a Service you get both. So let HR Duo look after your HR while you look after the business.

Dedicated HR Business Partner

An expert on hand that really knows you and your business. An extra member of your management team. Someone to help support managers in their day-to-day interactions with staff.

Managing Talent

Our range of experts help build and operate a first-class Employer Lifecycle Management, improve employee retention and position your business as one that truly values people. Become an employer of choice.

Operational HR Risk Assurance

Our specialists monitor and communicate changes to employment laws and regulations that affect your business, reducing the number of problems and decreasing complaints.

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