How we help


HR Duo uses Know-How to make your HR easy – providing the HR content that keeps your business up to date and compliant. The platform inserts this content into your day to day HR processes and delivers it when and where it’s required, saving you time and money.

Our world-class platform is designed to make your HR service better and more effective. That means you can focus on what matters most to your HR Department or Business.

Specialists and Systems Combined

To manage HR effectively you need 21st Century HR technology plus specialists that know what HR Content is important for your business and can deliver it seamlessly to you and your team. With HR Duo you get it all in one package. We call it Know How.

HR Duo Know How creates and maintains a robust HR infrastructure, including employment contracts and modern policies and procedures. It then maintains them forever.  So you know that your business is protected and you have a strong foundation to make good decisions. And, when rules change, we ensure you are always up to date.

HR Duo Add Ons

Deal with Difficult Situations

Sometimes, things just don’t work out with staff. At those times, we are there to help with our employee resolution service which provides expertise and support to effectively manage any employee relations matters, including, for example, discipline, grievance, bullying/ harassment, implementation of change, etc.

Recruit and Onboard

You know how much time it takes to hire someone. You know that it really isn’t time well spent for you or for any of your team. So let HR Duo take over – through Recruit Duo we can manage the recruitment process for you from advertising to contracting the successful candidate. This is designed to free you up and buy you time for more economically profitable activities.

Dedicated HR Manager

If you don’t have an HR Department, your dedicated HR Manager is on hand and really gets to know you and your business. Just like an extra member of your management team. Someone to help support managers in their day-to-day interactions with staff. Whatever you need, your HR Manager is on hand, available and ready to support the team.

Need help with something else?

Every company has different needs and requirements and HR is a pretty big area for a business to cover all the bases. We’ve mentioned the more common challenges HR Managers and business owners face, but if there’s something else you’d like to talk about, just get in touch now.

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