Why do SMEs need internal recruiting services?

If you think competing for sales is difficult, try running a recruitment campaign for a month – when there are multiple roles to fill.  Good employees are hard to find, can be hard to sign up, and easy to lose before you land them properly.  And if the purpose for hiring has been properly identified, each and every role plays its part in the Company achieving its goals.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur

Hire Professionals

Why is recruiting an important process in SMEs?

And there’s a lot to get right.  Those responsible for finding and signing up Employees have to locate the candidates, verify their skills and talents, make sure they genuinely fit the job (as opposed to fill the gap), and are capable of working with their intended Team and within the overall Company Culture.  What’s worse than an unfilled position in the Company?  An unsuitable Employee.

Managers looking after Recruitment also have to close the employment deal by getting candidates to accept and commit.  Jobs may no longer be for life, but no Manager can afford to have a brisk turnover of recent hires when the Company has long-term plans and goals.  There is also the regular requirement of many businesses for Assistance with hiring non-EU nationals who require visas.


We have been HR Duo clients now for several years and always found the package to be of great value. Navigating employment law in Ireland is complex and time consuming but the team in HR Duo is always available with tips, advice and reassurance to help us avoid the many potential horrors.

How can an outsourced HR office add value to SMEs by recruiting on their behalf?

Professionally managed and resourced Recruitment Services are beneficial in the good candidates they attract, the unsuitable ones they avoid, and do so in the many tasks they undertake:

  • Create Job Descriptions
  • Accurate identification of good candidates
  • Avoidance of unsuitable Employees
  • Time and expense savings
  • Communicate the open position in the appropriate place
  • Advertising the role
  • Receiving and acknowledging responses
  • Filtering applications
  • Shortlisting candidates

  • Preparing interview questions

  • Preparing a scoring system

  • Contracting the successful candidate

  • Taking references

  • Telling unsuccessful candidates

  • Management of the entire process from start to finish

It still holds true that good Managers work on the business and not in the business.  Professional Recruitment Services relieve Managers of the long list of tasks that are part of attracting and screening candidates.  This allows them to choose from a qualified shortlist of candidates, having spent the entire period of the recruitment process focusing on the Business.

Recruiting staff can be a real time-sink for business owners and managers. By taking all the background work away, HR Duo frees you up to concentrate on the really important bit - interviewing good candidates.