What is Employee Onboarding?


It used to be called ‘Employee Induction’ (‘here’s how we do things around here’),  and was then upgraded to ‘Employee Orientation’ and everyone knew what it meant. But that wasn’t much (‘This is the canteen’). 


Today, smart businesses do things differently: they call it ‘Employee Onboarding’ and it’s how they do everything possible to retain new employees and give them a compelling and productive start to working in the Company.

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Why is employee onboarding important to SMEs?


According to Fast Company as many as 30% of New Hires will leave in the first 90 days.  That’s a terrifying statistic for businesses when so much time and expense goes into the process, and all for the result of ending up right back at Stage One.

So when Business Owners can devise a programme that gives them the best chance of keeping an Employee, while getting them off to the most productive start possible, Onboarding is a must-have.



There’s been a natural adoption of the platform with no training whatsoever. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves, to their teams, and to the company as a whole.

What are the top nine benefits of an effective employee onboarding process?

In simple terms, Employee Onboarding:

  • Reduces the likelihood of a New Employee quitting

  • Shortens the time to New Employee effectiveness

  • Introduces the Company, its culture and objectives clearly, correctly, and with no room for confusion

  • Sets Employee expectations and according to the role and where you want them

  • Correctly and expertly manages Compliance, Health and Safety and other requirements

  • Covers all of the basic matters important to the Employee: rules, desk, keys, access etc

  • Provides a clear plan for briefings, training, who to meet and when

  • Produces a framework for early, meaningful feedback to assist the Employee

  • Is a formal plan for correct completion of the Probationary Process

"Advisers understand the complexity of the organisation and are able to advise as part of the internal team"


"Pay attention to your culture and your hires from the very beginning"

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn


What’s different in a business with a good onboarding process


In short, a happier employee with a greater propensity to stay. There are also some obvious signs in the business:

  • Staff up to speed quickly

  • Staff confident in their roles

  • Supports are obvious

  • Check-ins are programmed and recorded

  • Clear early training programme scheduled (and completed)

  • Clear communication/understanding of standards around behaviour, service etc.

  • Equipment to do job properly is available and ready for use

  • Access available to areas that are required to do job.