Remote Working – Effectively Managing a Team That’s Working Remotely

Remote working is not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that became a top priority for businesses across the world in spring 2020. Under normal circumstances, a company considering expanding its remote working policy would implement carefully planned policies and procedures. With the COVID-19 emergency, however, this planning wasn’t possible. Not only did companies have […]

Temporary Lay-Offs due to Coronavirus

Many of our clients have been left with no option but to place employees on lay-off due to the unprecedented circumstance arising out of the measures being taken to stem the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). These decisions are incredibly difficult and our hearts go out to the employees that are being laid-off. Employers should note […]

Why Never is the Right Time to Hire a HR Manager

Your business is big enough now to need HR support but hiring an HR manager is absolutely the wrong decision. A Familiar Scenario Your business is growing fast and you have ambitious plans for the future. To facilitate this and effectively deal with the increasing pressures placed on you and your management team, you need […]

The Skills & Approaches for Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace

In our recent survey, we learned that 69% of businesses find recruitment difficult and therefore, the loss of a member of staff can have serious implications. Conflict in the workplace is all too common and if left unchecked, increases turnover. Statistics show that the average person spends 92,120 hours at work in their lifetime. For […]

Writing Job Descriptions & Attracting Candidates: Pro Tips for SMEs

First impressions are everything and your Job Description will be the first time many of your employees will encounter your fledgling business. A basic Job Description usually contains the job title, duties, skills and competencies, a bit about the company and a salary. However, you’ll probably agree that ‘basic’ isn’t quite in line with your company […]

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your New Hire Induction Programs

Recruiting talented individuals into your business is difficult enough, but did you realise that without a proper induction program for new employees, the struggle and cost could go to waste? The induction is the chance to explain more about the company structure and it gives you the opportunity to make sure the new employee is […]

Employee Rights in The Workplace: Common Myths & Misconceptions

When it comes to employee rights in the workplace, there is a general consensus that the law always swings in favour of the employee. But is that factually accurate? In a word, no. In fact, people are often surprised to learn just how few legal rights employees have (assuming that the employer follows due process). […]

Employment Law Advice for UK Employers

What key pieces of knowledge should a small business owner be equipped with when it comes to employment law? It’s a good question because employment law can be confusing for all employers, but particularly for small businesses and start-up owners. The whole area consists of a mix of complex regulations in a landscape of ever-changing […]

Job Opportunities for Recent Graduates: Survey & Statistics

Recruitment survey bring welcome news to recent graduates, especially those who may be struggling to find their ideal role. Recently, we surveyed over 100 CEOs and Managers across small and large businesses, to find out what issues they faced when recruiting new staff. The results showed that 69% of businesses struggle to some extend when […]

What Are Positive Employee Relations & Why Are They Important?

Previously referred to as Industrial Relations, Employee Relations is a practise which focusses on both the individual and collective relationships in the workplace. The practise focusses on managers, training and supporting them to nurture trust-based relationships with their teams. In doing so, the intention is to generate a positive work culture which improves the overall […]