Job Opportunities for Recent Graduates: Survey & Statistics

Recruitment survey bring welcome news to recent graduates, especially those who may be struggling to find their ideal role. Recently, we surveyed over 100 CEOs and Managers across small and large businesses, to find out what issues they faced when recruiting new staff. The results showed that 69% of businesses struggle to some extend when […]

What Are Positive Employee Relations & Why Are They Important?

Previously referred to as Industrial Relations, Employee Relations is a practise which focusses on both the individual and collective relationships in the workplace. The practise focusses on managers, training and supporting them to nurture trust-based relationships with their teams. In doing so, the intention is to generate a positive work culture which improves the overall […]

Creating a Basic Employment Contract – Main Terms & Conditions Required

At its core, the employment relationship is a legal one and it is critical that it is properly defined. While legislation specifies certain requirements, each company will have requirements which need to be codified in a contract of employment whether it is protecting intellectual property, health and safety, management of commercial information at the end of an employment relationship, […]

Recruitment Survey & Statistics: Do You Find It Difficult to Recruit?

  When it comes to the list of challenges faced by businesses big or small, old or new; recruiting new staff is always up there at the top of that list. In order to best advise our customers, we wanted to know if the challenges in recruiting are the same as they always have been, […]