The Future Of HR For SMEs

How it all started


When Jerome Forde built HR Duo, he recruited experts from HR and from software development and gave life to a dream – a technology platform that empowers SME owners and managers. A platform that automates the day-to-day HR practices and places critical data in the hands of managers. A platform that delivers an expert HR team to the SME owner – on-demand, whenever needed.

Strong Foundations

Initially, we stayed small. Operating under the radar. Building the team. Getting clients. Understanding their needs. Being there for them. Managing their HR in Ireland, in the UK, in Malaysia, the USA and Australia – wherever they operate. And all from our office in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath. And now we are ready to grow, to spread the message, to help SMEs grow and scale, to help them grow the world beating teams and to be right there with them – to be their HR department.

Digital Disruptors

Now we are leading the next wave of efficiency-increasing tools for SMEs, whether they are born digital or seeking to digitally transform. We know from long experience that HR needs technology. We know that HR needs innovation and innovative solutions. We know that there are lots of software options available. We also know that people-based challenges need people-based solutions. That true innovation comes from the integration of technology and people. In other words, it’s not either, it’s both – together in one platform.

Great People, Simple Formula

The HR Duo formula is simple. Hire great people and let the technology enable great service delivery. Deliver great value and outstanding service and let the work speak for itself. That way, there’s no need for long contract terms or long term commitments from clients.

At HR Duo, we believe we’re the future of HR. For too long, small and medium-sized businesses have been hamstrung – stuck between needing a full range of HR expertise and only being able to afford a small element of what they need.


And we’ve seen owners struggle with possible solutions, ranging from ‘do nothing and hope for the best’ to employing consultants to employing a HR Manager. And while employing a HR Manager can seem like the answer, in reality, the wide range of disciplines needed in HR mean that a team is required. That’s why large enterprises employ a team of specialists in multiple fields. So if you need someone recruited you go to the (HR) recruiter, if you have a discipline problem you go to the Employee Relations Specialist or if you need to work on performance management, you go to the HR Business Partner.


Of course, no SME can afford that range of skills, experience and expertise – until now. HR Duo is the future of HR for SMEs. We have built a technology platform that allows us to deliver Enterprise level HR services at scale to businesses. We have automated multiple routine HR practices so that we can focus on the ‘messy’ people area. Our team of experts are there at all times – just like the HR department in a big company – working with the company managers, giving them confidence in their decision-making. Supporting them with data on which to base their decisions. Understanding the business as if we were part of the team … because we are part of the team. We are the HR office down the hall.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We deliver on five critical elements for your Business

At HR Duo, we believe we’re the future of HR. For too long, small and medium-sized businesses have been hamstrung – stuck between needing a full range of HR expertise and only being able to afford a small element of what they need.


The way we work with you is seamless. Not two organisations but one. It doesn’t matter where you are. We your HR team integrated with your other functions.

Competitive advantage

Our clients receive a very enhanced service supporting competitive advantage. We give a rapid responsive service. We help more effective working and the building of better teams.


We are there when needed. We bring knowledge and authority to the concern. We are fast. We answer the phone.


We know you and your business. We are on your side.  We can therefore provide meaningful support that’s tailored to your situation. We are mature and trustworthy partners. We are friendly and helpful.


We deliver innovation through cutting-edge systems and processes used daily in the workplace enabling new ways of working. 

Our people, platform and processes aim to keep clients ahead of the curve – leading, not following.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Jerome Forde

Managing Director

Florence Kenefick

Manager, Policy & Best Practice

Helen Raftery

Policy and Best Practice

Helen Halpin

Recruiting and Employee Relations

Carol Monaghan

Policy and Best Practice

Grace Maguire

HR Business Partner

Gillian Briody

HR Business Partner

Aron Cassidy


Alex L'homme


Donnchadh Forde


Donal Brady

Sales and Marketing

Aoife McCarthy

Policy and Best Practice

Jacinta Forde


Ricardo Carvalho


Laoise Corcoran

Policy and Best Practice

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