We save you time and money by looking after all your HR requirements

HR as A Service

Get real control of your business

Help your managers manage. Know the right thing to do, and the wrong thing. Ensure everyone knows the boundaries. Build a great culture. Implement performance management that works. Improve productivity and performance.

HR As a Service

HR that drives performance

High performing teams are all built on strong foundations. HR Duo will create clarity around roles, expectations and performance levels.

We will encourage and support your managers to maintain strong performance management practices that enhance productivity and profitability. When you need training, development and succession planning, we are there to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and insight required.


HR As A Service

No More Hassle

Let HR Duo take the hassle away. We will answer employee questions, prepare contracts, deal with the candidates, keep up to date with legislation, deal with the complaints, the problems and the pay increases. We will help your managers manage and give them confidence in decision-making.

HR As a Service

We do the Boring Stuff Really Well

From creating employment contracts to all the policies and procedures you will ever need, we ensure that your business is based on strong foundations. We make sure every employee is appropriately contracted and has their critical data recorded.

HR As A Service

Information at your fingertips

That’s what HR as a Service is all about. No more wondering where John’s contract is, or how many hours Jim worked this week/month/quarter or trying to figure out what leave Jean is entitled to versus what she’s taken. It’s all there on the system, recorded and available.

HR As a Service

World class HR Support

We don’t like to brag, but our Ireland-based team are brilliant. They’re experts in their fields and capable of supporting you through the most challenging of issues –  disputes, grievances or plain old lateness and absence. You will never worry about people problems again.

We Solve Real Problems for Clients Every Day

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Employer Essentials

Employee contracts, Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbook and record keeping. The foundations you need to build a high performance culture.

Employer Lifecycle

We manage every phase - from entry to exit plus all the smooth and bumpy bits in the middle..

HR Information System

HR Duo's cloud-based system is a part of our HR as a Service offering. So, whether you want to store contracts, record working time, roster staff or implement a performance improvement process, we've got you covered.

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