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Why HR Duo?

You’re busy running your business.  Winning the next contract.  Securing the next partnership. Growing it.  But you want to know you’re fully compliant with legislation. You need to know that when something happens - someone’s got your back. That they will take ownership of the issue and give help and advice until it’s resolved.

There are over fifty separate pieces of legislation, regulation, agreements and instruments governing employment practice in Ireland.

That’s a lot to look out for when your focus may be somewhere else.

So – get a partner who’ll make sure you’re not only ‘on side’ – but that your duties as an Employer and all your HR processes are first class.

HR Duo will help you set the high standards for your HR that you have for the rest of your business, and ensure your paperwork, records and policies are fully up to date.

HR Duo is your dedicated HR Team at a fraction of the cost of employing a specialist. Our customised software gives you the tools you need to ensure compliance and to save you time and money.

It really is that easy. We are your HR office: working away in the background, making sure you’re compliant and up to date at all times. So you have peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on the really important stuff.

And you’ll know that when the inevitable problem appears – big or small – we are there, ready to listen, take ownership and resolve the issue. And you can relax in the knowledge that it is all taken care of by professionals who deal with this stuff every day.

Ours is a professional business where our reputation matters. We need partners who match our standards and provide a professional input that enables us to perform better.

Paul Grimes
REA Grimes
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To grow and be successful, Small and Medium sized Businesses need to build a team. But with people come ‘people problems’ of all shapes and sizes. Add that to the fact that Small and Medium sized Businesses have to comply with the same employment legislation as large companies, but inevitably don’t have the staff or resources to ensure they’re compliant



We all know that software can’t resolve people problems on its own: for that you need people – because only people can solve people problems. There are lots of software solutions that address some of the challenges, but the absence of joined-up thinking and a piecemeal approach to different issues create as many problems as they solve. And because of the incomplete nature of the solution provided by these software packages, suddenly, the problem can move beyond the skills of the Managers involved and become a real headache.



HR DUO - an integrated single solution that combines the best elements of software and, critically, the expertise of real people.


Using computing power to resolve storage and processing issues like time and attendance, rostering, contracts, GDPR and personnel records while simultaneously providing a full-service HR department to SMEs at a fraction of the cost of employing a person (never mind employing a HR Team).


HR Duo is like a big hug.

When you have a problem, HR Duo is the reassuring arm around you, along with the voice of experience that says “You’ve got this.”

Your focus is on building your business. But you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re fully compliant with legislation. That when there’s a problem, someone’s got your back. That they will take ownership of the issue and help and advise until it’s resolved.

With HR Duo, you just call your designated advisor and you quickly realise that most of what you’ve been doing is pretty good, and that with the right advice on how to structure things, everything’s OK.  It’s fine - and it’s going to be fine.

How Does the HR Duo Service work?


1. You run your business

2. We run your HR

That’s it.  It’s actually that easy. No contract, no minimum period, no fuss.

Need some more detail? OK, here we go:

Step 1 – We carry out a comprehensive audit of your HR processes, procedures and documentation.

Step 2 – We present the audit results to you and where required, develop new or updated elements.

Step 3 – We enrol all your staff on to our award-winning HR Software platform.

Step 4 - We help you launch the new documents, procedures and HR platform to your staff

Step 5 – We look after all your HR requirements on an ongoing basis.

If you want more information, just scroll down for a comprehensive description of the elements of our services.


We found in HR Duo a partner who went the extra mile to support us when we needed and provided us with the comfort and confidence we needed to engage with HR matters in our organisation.

Deirdre Grant
CEO, ARC Cancer Support


HR Compliance Documents

Employment contracts – issued on time, appropriate to the roles, updated regularly.

Employee handbook – comprehensive and bespoke – built for your business.

Policies and procedures – the nitty gritty that protects you and your business.

Forms and questionnaires – probation chats or return to work interviews … all there.

Onboarding and training - start right and keep up to date.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Sometimes called Talent Management, whatever you call it, this is important but time consuming.

Recruitment – advertise (what and where?), get down to a shortlist of candidates.

Probation – How long, what to do near the end, how to extend or finish up?

Contract – Issue and get it back, decide what’s in or not.

Performance – Track it, manage it reward it.

Exit interviews – why and where.

Small Business HR Support On-demand

The good stuff

  • Promotions
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation strategy
  • Maternity and paternity leave

It’s a business and people are involved – so when stuff goes wrong:

  • Discipline
  • Grievances
  • Bullying and harassment complaints

Our Award Winning HR Software

Employee records – all in one place. All stored in a GDPR compliant fashion.

Leave management – easy apply, easy approve, automatically record, add to your calendar.

Time and attendance – check-in, check-out, record and send to payroll.

Rosters – build them, change them, let staff swap, copy them and cost them in real time.

Performance – set goals, check progress, record the conversations, have meaningful interactions.

Reminders and expiration dates – never miss a probation expiry date or a qualification renewal again.