You may be a startup or a business that’s REALLY starting to scale in the next 12-24 months. You will need help with HR – in lots of different ways

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You’ve built a business and it’s growing. Your management team is in place and you realise you all need professional HR support and expertise

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You’ve got an HR team but you need operational support. Help with the day to day, mundane tasks. You need HR Duo’s Shared Service Centre.

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Why is HR so challenging for business owners?

You need a team - but who can afford that?

There are simply too many disciplines in HR today for one person to know everything. Knowing legislation and being compliant is totally different to understanding how to recruit and onboard a new hire. How can you expect the same person to be a performance management expert as well?

Over 50 pieces of legislation/regulation

There are over fifty separate pieces of legislation, regulation, agreements and instruments governing employment practice in Ireland.

That’s a lot to look out for when your focus needs to be on growing the business, building the team and winning new contracts.

HR Duo is the answer. Our clients have the full range of HR specialists available and ready to be deployed – all for a fraction of the cost of employing even one person.

The HR Duo Platform – all the HR support you’ll ever need


Your record keeping and data processing in one place and always up to date

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Like a licence to trade – your core HR infrastructure, documents and processes

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Our specialists help develop and maintain the high performance culture you need


A selection of companies that have chosen to be part of the future of HR

As a business owner, you know what’s needed

Focus on what matters

There are so many competing demands on an entrepreneur’s time. And, once you build a management team the demands can multiply. That’s why you need a team of HR specialists – because they can deal with the huge variety of people related queries that come up in any business with a bit of complexity. HR Duo are that team and can free you up to focus on the important stuff.

What we Offer

The best option for small and medium sized businesses

Let HR Duo deal with your HR

We know that people-based challenges need people-based solutions. HR Duo experts are there at all times – just like the HR department in a big company – working with the company managers, giving them confidence in their decision-making. HR Duo is a platform made up of three parts – specialists, services and software.

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individual Records

Over 1,000,000

queries answered

13 Specialists

working for you

Over 200 Years

of combined HR experience

Get your HR team now

The HR Duo team is your HR team. There when you need us and always in the background, updating, coaching, resolving and keeping away the distractions that can keep you from doing what you do best.